Saturday, July 16, 2011

Test it Out!

For those people that have asked how to test out the keyboard, I have good news for you: the keyboard has been pushed to the GNOME shell master branch! You just have to pull the latest updates and then a11y menu -> Screen Keyboard -> ON. If you want to check out my latest updates, it is available at

Some known issues (from my branch on github) include:
  • Layout positioning (I may add more buttons later)
  • Message tray icon in keyboard not grayed in overview (the design is that it shouldn't be enabled in the overview).
  • Message tray hiding is choppy.  
  • Floating mode is currently broken, should default to stuck-to-bottom keyboard.

To enable Caribou positioning: Do Alt+F2 then in box type "env GTK_IM_MODULE=caribou"

Some of the more recent things I've fixed are the alignment of the keys within the keyboard layout (yes, they are now aligned!), hiding the message tray behind the keyboard, and redesigning the stuck-to-bottom keyboard.

Once I get home I'll see if I can do a video capture to better illustrate the functionality of the keyboard at the moment :) Also, I'd appreciate feedback (ie. bugs in the key/keyboard functions), but please keep in mind that I am not responsible for generating design ideas for the keyboard. This means that if you have design ideas talk to the GNOME shell designers (I can't guarantee they'll trickle down to me though).

I'll be on my flight soon, so see you later!

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