Monday, June 20, 2011

Dragging ON

I didn't think I would post anything this week, since most of the changes I have made to the keyboard have been internal and thus there would be nothing fancy to show off. However, I have just (maybe 2 minutes ago?) finished the dragging option for the keyboard. This 'floating' layout allows the user to drag the smaller keyboard to whatever place on the screen they'd like. This is a precursor to the option we will eventually have for the keyboard.
Our future plan is to have the keyboard following the input changes of the user. For now the dragging keyboard is working properly, as far as I can tell :)

In addition to this functionality I have also added the option to have an iPod-like click-wait-drag-release option for subkeys and I have the message tray more or less working on top of the keyboard (GNOME users know that the message tray is usually at the bottom of the screen).
I am still having a bit of trouble getting the layout to look exactly as I wish, but I have figured that I'll first concentrate and ironing out the kinks in the keyboard functionality and then concentrate more on the "looks".
For next week, I'll hopefully have the 'combo' keys added and working on the keyboard (ie. CTRL + ALT + TAB, etc)

Until then,



  1. Hi, I love your blog and I like that the keyboard can now move around the screen. That can come in hendy because one needs to see the background or other things that are on the screen.

  2. I'm writing a blog post about this now on our Ubuntu blog (:!

    I'll link back when I'm done.

  3. As promised - link: